My first art exhibition in Manhattan, New York, was dedicated to closing a heavy chapter of my battle with cancer. This first exhibition was a unique masterpiece–combining different senses making this an experimental art show. Collaborating with an Italian chef and a violinist, each art piece was synergistic by sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch.


Inspired by neuroscience and meditation, this exhibition was an attempt at reconnecting the viewers to their senses–allowing them to be in the ‘’here and now’’. A curiosity linked to spiritual awakening, consciousness, and brain plasticity. For two years, my art was dedicated to a series of existential questions, a painful rumination of traumas, and the implantation of resilience.


Predominantly in back and white with splashes of primary color, my work incorporates geometrical forms revealing graceful female bodies mutilated, hairless, and faceless. My technique is to follow my instincts, intuitions, and emotions. Being mindful and present is my process. Without any sketch, I can freely express my subconsciousness. 


Following psychoanalysis encouraged me to analyze and understand more of my artwork as well as the hidden meaning.

Elevating me spiritually and philosophically, my art has challenged my points of view and perception of the world. 


As the President and Co-Founder of Generation C, a movement striving for a  paradigm shift towards an empathy civilization, promoting emotional intelligence, ethic and responsibility. Using artistic activism to promote behavior change and awareness-raising on the evolution of human species. 

I believe that art is a powerful tool to be used in making social and political changes. In November 2020, a massive transformation occurred in my artwork through the change of medium–from watercolor on paper to acrylic on canvas. The artwork doubled in size, and the paintings now have more diverse colors, showing elegant faces and full bodies. 


On top of the geometrical forms, natural elements appeared to complement the artwork. Besides painting, my passion for videography protruded as my curiosity grew after working as an assistant director and assistant editor for a short film by Hollywood actress Annalynne McCord. This medium has an endless dimension that gives more freedom of expression and creativity.

Born amidst conflict during the Cambodian coup of 1997, Adana was raised by activist parents fighting human trafficking in Southeast Asia.


Her law and political science studies were suddenly interrupted by the discovery of cancer. A battle she won, along with the discovery of a newborn talent: art. Her paintings – addressing topics such as consciousness, death, trauma, ethics, and human evolution.


Known for her surrealist pictorial work, Adana is more known for her exhibitions combining art with philanthropy. In her recent collaboration with the Director of the National Bank of Cambodia, they made art history in raising $150,000 USD from local donors to donate to NGOs. This event has changed the art philanthropy culture in Cambodia.